We are delighted to announce the 5th international meeting on a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly which will take place on 16-17 October 2013 in Brussels. The conference is organized in collaboration with the Union of European Federalists and will be hosted in the European Parliament […]

The establishment of a UN Parliamentary Assembly was promoted last week in the margins of the 25th session of ACP–EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly which was held in the European Parliament in Brussels. The Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly was represented with an information stand […]

The political and social contrasts in modern societies are transverse to territorial borders. Still, joint transnational interests of societal and political groups are hardly relevant in international institutions. Global political parties that reflect such interests have no influence in global politics. The key institution that […]

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes, or who guards the guards, is one of the permanent questions of politics. Power corrupts, and so that power must be kept under control. The current controversy within Interpol, the body that coordinates international police work, is a real-life case study. […]

A group of young international students and workers living in Berlin are organizing a federalist action on the occasion of U.S. President Barack Obama's speech in Berlin which he will deliver at the Brandenburger Tor tomorrow, on June 19th, fifty years after the famous speech of John […]

Mátyás Eörsi, the Secretary-General of the Parliamentary Forum for Democracy based in Warsaw, argues that the UN's efforts in promoting democracy around the world would be much more credible if the UN itself would democratize itself through the establishment of a UN Parliamentary Assembly. We're […]

It was 100 years ago that suffragette campaigner Emily Davison ran among the horses at the Epsom Derby in protest that women did not have the right to vote. She fell under the King’s horse and was killed. In 1928, just 15 years later, women […]

In this interview we are talking to Gabriela Michetti, a member of the Argentine Chamber of Deputies since 2009. Before entering national politics, she was deputy head of the government of Buenos Aires, the second-largest metropolitan area in South America. She has a degree in […]

On March 20, the proposal to establish a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) was discussed at a meeting in the Swedish national parliament, the Riksdagen. The meeting was attended by parliamentarians from five parties and other personalities from civil society and academia. Åsa Lindestam from […]